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NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry

Why Choose the NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry Practice at Point McKay:

Fear of the dental chair can often keep people from getting the dental care they need. The fact is, everyone must see a dentist from time to time to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. If it's been some time since you've visited a dental office and you're considering your options for treatment, you'll be happy to learn Point McKay Dental Care offers two types of sedation to help you achieve a relaxed and comfortable state during treatment: oral medication and IV sedation.

You may think you're alone in your discomfort in seeing a dentist, but reports show that nearly everyone has some type of anxiety about seeing a dentist. While it's understandable that fear or anxiety would keep you from wanting to move forward with treatment, Point McKay Dental has taken steps to alleviate your worries regarding dental treatment. Sedatives used in the practice can offer effects that range from mild to moderate, depending on just how anxious or fearful you are.

Feel free to initiate an office consultation to speak with the staff to modify your sedation treatment so that it's right for you. Point McKay Dental Care will assess your needs through an exam that will include discussing your past medical history and any current medications or supplements you happen to be taking at the time. Through sedation, you'll be conscious amid your dental treatment, however you won't be focused or worried about anything that's going on around you.

Point McKay Dental prioritizes the safety of their patients and employs monitoring equipment throughout. You can read more about the safety methods used by the practice by clicking on the ‘Dental Services' link and selecting Sedation Dentistry from the menu. NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry is not always covered under insurance, therefore it is recommended that patients considering sedation contact their provider to discuss the need for sedation during dentistry. If you need help with this process, the caring staff from Point McKay Dental are happy to assist.

If you've been delaying dental treatment due to a fear of getting treatment, you can rest easy knowing you'll be kept sedated throughout the entire procedure. If it's been a while since you've been to a dentist and you require extensive treatment, sedation can ensure the dentist can take care of your dental needs with fewer visits.

Call Point McKay Dental Care at 403-283-7829 to speak with the staff about affordable NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry. Modern dentistry is virtually painless, so on the off chance that it's been a while since you've received treatment, you'll find many changes to the practice that will give you the confidence to continue routine dental care throughout your lifetime. A single visit under sedation may convince you that you've been worried for nothing all along. Book a consultation now over the Point McKay Dental Care website or call the office to get connected.

NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry
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NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry
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