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These instructions have been designed to help you heal in the shortest amount of time, and with the least amount of discomfort. We will go over these instructions with you before you leave the office. Please take them home and read them again.

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Reaction to the placement of the implant(s): Each implant placed is as unique as the implant. Generally the placement of an implant can be related to the extraction of a tooth. Depending on the number of implants placed, your reaction will vary, but on average you should be able to resume normal activities 48 hours after the surgery.

Please read this Post-Operative information carefully

Swelling around the surgical area is normal. It will usually reach its maximum in 48 hours following surgery, and then begin slowly to subside. We recommend that you apply an ice bag (frozen peas or corn), or a towel wrapped around ice cubes over the treated area for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off. Repeat this for the first 2 days. A warm salt-water rinse (1/4-2/4 tsp salt per cup warm water) may then be used, if needed, to reduce the swelling. If you reduce the swelling, you reduce the pain.

If there is unusual, or a large amount of swelling under the tongue such that it pushes the tongue up, proceed to the nearest hospital.

Pain: Some discomfort is normal but usually minimal. Over the counter extra strength Tylenol, or 400 mg Advil, 3 or 4 times daily should ease mild discomfort. For greater pain, please take the prescribed pain medication.

Bleeding: It is normal for the saliva to be streaked with blood for a day. If frank bleeding is present, fold a sterile gauze into a firm wad and place it directly on the bleeding area. Maintain pressure for 20 minutes. If you do not have sterile gauze, a wet tea bag can be used. Do not rinse or spit. If the bleeding is continuous after this time please call the office at (403) 283 7829 or Dr. Hul’s cell number at (403) 669 4416.

NW Calgary Cosmetic Dentistry | Point McKay DentalMouth Rinses: Do not rinse your mouth or spit or use a mouthwash for at least 12 hours. After this time, use either a glass of warm salt solution and/or the Chlorhexidine mouth rinse as prescribed.

Bruising results from trauma to the tissues. If this should occur, the resulting bruise due to bleeding can cause the bleeding to travel into the neck area. Bruises will undergo color changes after several days.

Numbness or abnormal sensation about the lip and corners of the mouth may occur. Numbness is usually temporary.

Sutures will dissolve. Do not pull on the lip or the mouth area as this might tear the sutures. If one should tear or come loose, please contact us.

Dentures: We ask that you do not wear your denture until advised to do so. If there is a necessity to wear your dentures, they can be adjusted so they do not pinch on the surgical site. If this is the case, please wear your denture as little as possible until advised otherwise.

Eating: During the first 24 hours avoid hot or hard foods that cause discomfort. Keep the diet liquid or soft, high in protein, vitamins and calcium.

Elevated Temperature: It is not unusual to have a slightly higher temperature for 1 to 2 days. Talking Tylenol or Advil over the counter can control this.

Follow-Up: The implant must be allowed to heal. It is imperative that follow-up appointments are kept. After healing, the implant is exposed and the final components are attached.

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