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Rehabilitation Center Butte

Rehabilitation Center Butte

If you’ve recently suffered an injury, serious illness, or undergone surgery, you may require physical therapy and other rehabilitative treatments to help you have a fast and complete recovery. While you may want to go home after being discharged from the hospital, your recovery from home may be slower compared to recovering from a rehabilitation facility.

Copper Ridge rehabilitation center in Butte is a facility that helps post-surgery patients to receive the assistance they need for a full recovery. Our patients get the medical, emotional, and personal care they require to enable them to return home and care for themselves.

What is the Importance of Rehabilitation After Surgery?

Rehabilitation after surgery is important for the following reasons:

  • Reduced Risk of Infection – The risk of infection is usually high after an operation, especially if you’re not careful about how you treat your wound. If you go home, you may begin doing chores that could easily expose you to bacteria or physical exertion, which can cause the wounds to open up and become infected. In a rehabilitation center, you focus on your recovery without doing any activities that could expose you to germs or infections.
  • Proper Dieting – Dieting is an important aspect of recovery. This is because some foods can provide the vitamins and minerals you need to heal, while others can delay the process. Good rehabilitation centers usually have a professional dietician as part of the staff who ensures that patients are taking meals that aid in recovery.

What Types of Therapies are Offered After Surgery?

The types of therapy programs included in post-operation therapy are:

  • Occupational Therapy (OT) – This therapy helps patients to adapt and perform daily tasks at home, work, or school, such as doing laundry, bathing and getting dressed, doing office work, eating, and participating in leisure activities without help from others. OT teaches you how to use assistive devices if you require them.
  • Physical Therapy (PT)– Physical therapy is aimed at strengthening the muscles and improving the movement of various body parts. This type of therapy eases pain and helps you move, function, and live better.

Mistakes to Avoid After Surgery

These are some of the mistakes that could delay your recovery after surgery, and which you should avoid:

  • Failing to Take Medication – Most patients refuse to take pain medication because they feel that they are already taking too many pills. However, failing to control your pain can cause insomnia and loss of appetite, which slows down the recovery process. Ensure that you take all the medications as prescribed by your doctor for a timely and full recovery.
  • Quitting Therapy too Soon – Many individuals make the mistake of stopping therapy too soon. This can cause problems later on in life, which may require more extensive treatment or even further surgery. To avoid this, stick to the recommended therapy sessions, even after you feel like you have recovered.

Get Professional Care

If you require professional care after an operation, Copper Ridge rehabilitation center in Butte is your go-to facility. With a workforce of more than 100 staff, we are well equipped to provide you with the therapies that you need to recover and improve your everyday life. Get in touch with us today on (406) 723-3225 for any questions about our facility or services.

Rehabilitation Center Butte
Copper Ridge Health and Rehab
Rehabilitation Center Butte
3251 Nettie Street
Butte MT 59701

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