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Calgary Emergency Dentist

Calgary Emergency Dentist

Sandstone Dental is a premier dental care provider offering affordable treatments at flexible hours of operation. Our Calgary emergency dentist is the best at providing pain-free tooth extractions, root canal therapy, and children's dentistry.

What can be the cause for my toothache?

Pain or severe sensitivity in a tooth can be the result of a dental cavity or if there is a loss of filling in the tooth. Making an appointment with our professional can help take appropriate action to avoid further damage. The most frequent cause of tooth pain is tooth decay. However, the pain from tooth decay will only show up in severe cases of infection. Some of the other causes of toothaches are:

  • Abscess – An abscess is a red inflammation or painful bump next to or above a sore tooth. The pain may be more severe, especially when you bite or chew.
  • Impacted tooth - A tooth blocked from breaking through the gums. This condition leads to redness, inflammation, and sore gums. Toothaches and throbs are common around an impacted tooth
  • Nerve Injury - It often occurs as a result of accidents, as well as advanced tooth decay.

Toothaches are sometimes the result of an underlying health condition such as heart attacks, sinus infection, cluster headache, viral infections, diabetes, trigeminal neuralgia, alcohol and drug abuse, methamphetamines, vitamin deficiencies, etc.

Why is my gum bleeding?

Healthy gums that are pink and firm don't bleed easily. However, occasional bleeding of gums while brushing is normal. Using a toothbrush with soft-bristles can help as they are much gentle on the tooth and gums. Some of the other causes of bleeding gums are Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

Gingivitis is hard to figure out as they don't cause any pain. You may have gingivitis if your gums are unusually red swollen and bleed easily while brushing. Untreated gingivitis can cause severe damage to the gum tissues.

Another common gum disease is periodontitis. This is a severe gum condition and occurs as a result of untreated and prolonged infection of the gums, gum tissues, and bones that surrounds the teeth. In severe cases of periodontitis, patients experience teeth getting loose and falling out.

Treatment for tooth decay

In cases of severe damage to enamel from tooth decay, you may need a filling of the cavity after removing the decay. Your dentist may use certain material as filling to restore the tooth to its old shape and position. For severe tooth decays, your dentist may place a crown which will act as a replacement for a certain part of a tooth.

For treating infections in the pulp of a tooth, a root canal treatment is the go-to procedure. For severe damages to the root of a tooth, tooth extraction is the best solution. After tooth extraction, you may opt for the placement of an implant or a bridge for cosmetic reasons. At Sandstone Dental, we prioritize your dental health over anything else.  Get a smile makeover from our Calgary emergency dentist. Call us to learn more!

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