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Arizona Addiction Treatment Program

Arizona Addiction Treatment Program

Drug or alcohol addiction not only brings severe physical, psychological and social consequences for the affected person. They also generate scenarios of pain and suffering for their families and aggregates. When a close person presents unmistakable symptoms of having problems with some substance, surely their relatives want to find the best possible help for the dependent to overcome this condition.

If you want to find specialized help, you're sure to find a variety of rehabilitation Centers in Arizona. However, if you want significant and lasting results, you won't find a better option than Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox. You should get to know us better, so you can see why we are the finest Arizona addiction treatment program.

Why Choose Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox?


Since our start, we have achieved effective detoxification and recovery for a variety of guests. Our high standards and performance have earned us a good recommendation from our recovered guests. Also, our rehab centers have been recognized and accredited by the most prestigious agencies in the industry.

Nationally, we are accredited by the Joint Commission, CARF, Wellbriety, LegitScript, and NAATP. In Arizona, we are recognized by the ADHS (Arizona Department of Health Services), which speaks to our extraordinary work with our patients.


Understanding that ability and experience is essential to a successful recovery, we have assembled the region's leading team of specialists. In none of the Arizona drug and alcohol rehabs will you find staff with the skills and abilities that the team at Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox has. This allows us to give a therapeutic environment that is friendly and understanding yet has everything necessary to support our guests throughout their rehabilitation.


Most Arizona drug and alcohol programs base rehabilitation on the 12-step approach. We go further. For individual attention, we use completely tailored, fact-based therapies. This allows for attention to specific issues of each person. Also, we complement treatment with the most extraordinary mix of therapies including the 12-step group, equine, skill development, and adventure therapies.


We offer a warm and pleasant atmosphere at each of our locations. By choosing our Addiction treatment in AZ, be assured that the intern will enjoy the peace and quiet necessary for recovery. Besides, they will develop their process in a comfortable and spacious environment. There, the patient will have several entertainment and development activities that will allow them to live a wonderful staying. Also, the intern will be able to develop a variety of useful habits for their protection from the temptation of consumption, once they leave the internal treatment.


While treatment at a top of line addiction treatment center in Arizona requires resources, our primary goal is the health and recovery of our guests. Therefore, we offer competitive pricing compared to the industry, and the best price/value ratio. Besides, you will have the support of our staff, so you can check different financing options, including your insurance coverage.

Trust the Experts

If you or someone you know wants to overcome the scourge of drugs or alcohol, and you're looking at the leading Arizona drug and alcohol treatments, you've come to the right place. Royal Life Centers at Royal Detox is the reference organization in the region for effective addiction treatment, and we are at your service. It's time to start the road to a useful and happy life. Contact us.

Royal Life Detox
Arizona Addiction Treatment Program
831 Gail Gardner Way
Prescott AZ 86301

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